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Adult Tonsillectomy


At My Age?

I’m forty three years old and tomorrow my tonsils are coming out. Tonight I am sitting here at the computer eating gluten free chocolate and butterscotch chip cookie dough I had hidden in the freezer. I’d like to reassure you that it doesn’t have raw egg in it but…. it does and I don’t care. Still I was contemplating whether or not this is the best choice for my last meal but I have more pressing worries, like imagining all the possible household drama probabilities while I am laid up.

Thanks by the way, to the random woman at the meat counter who struck up conversation about my massive chicken purchase, and ended with, “tell your family you aren’t going to be able to do anything for at least three weeks! Really! I was only in my twenties when mine came out and I was in bed for WEEKS!” Way to inspire courage lady…

At 6AM I have to be at the hospital nearly an hour away. Yay for being first on the chopping block I guess. I am counting down the last hour before I have to quit eating. Of course after preparing casseroles made of chicken all day I was not hungry at dinner time. Now dinner is gone and I feel like I should have planned a little better… maybe hidden a lobster tail in the freezer with my cookie dough. I mean, it’s apple sauce and canned fruit for the next five days. Warm broth isn’t even allowed until the “clots set”.

I live for food. I have forty three minutes before I begin to starve…. Wish me well.

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