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Oppositional Defiance Disorder- ODD

I have posted a few times about Little-Man or obscurely about ODD. Sometimes I kind of feel bad about it because I know I am airing our ‘dirty laundry’. I’m at the point however, where I need friends, family, and even strangers to know our truth. We have challenges, pretty much daily. I post without shame about our teen age girls because they are doing normal teenage things. Well, Little-Man is doing normal ODD things.

I need as much support from my community for his issues as I need for Ju’s choice to hardly ever come home for dinner or hang out with the family which makes us feel suddenly incomplete, or Panda’s hard headed obstinate way of just being 16, or even Ty’s Hollywood approved level of high school drama. My kids are growing up going through something of their own that is not in fact unique, it is just our first time through it. I have decided Little-Man is not any different and I shouldn’t be ashamed of his ‘condition’ or the battles we have. They are normal for him. They are normal for a kid with ODD. He didn’t choose this. We didn’t cause it. We have no more control over it than we have control of PMS and puberty.

Sometimes I need the support of friends and family to take me down a notch, to remind me that I am a freakin bad-ass Saint of a mom who can handle this. So I can be reminded that I have had 10+ years of mental health training with these kids. So I can breathe deep, take a look in the bottom of my bag of tricks, and pull out some piece of magic.

I also figured I may not be alone in trying to show my son’s best side and privately dealing with the foo. SO—if you recognize these acronyms lean on me when it gets tough because I know exactly how hard it can be. ADHD, PSTD, ODD, RAD, CD, and of course the more common and widespread PMS!

I found another blog read really enjoyable. If you have questions or need support visit the link below.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD): Jackson’s Story of Hope

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